The m/41 (B) was made out of m/96 rifles that were picked for there accuracy. About 5300 were made between 1941 and 1943. Since some m/41 (B) have the turned down bolt handle of the m/94 carbine - it could be that these weapons were made from scratch - or maybe they just got new bolts. It seems like the m/41 B was made both by modifying m/41 rifles


In total, 5,300 m/41 snipers were built between 1941 and 1943. The rifles were never actually needed, and in 1955 Sweden decided to initiate a rebuilding program to bring them all up to the same standard. Virtually all of the AGA scopes were discarded, and AJACK scopes made universal.

Carl Gustav M/96 sporterized by Kimber of Oregon in the mid nineties. The original military stock was replaced with a Ram-Line synthetic stock 2015-10-27 2008-09-18 Its a Swedish Stridsvagn m/41 built by Scania in the 1940’s. You could call it the Swedish ”cousin” of the THN 38/Panzer 38(t). The kit is Dragons Panzer 38(t) with Photoshop etched fenders from Voyager. The machine guns are from Master model in 1/32 for air vargtass, but they were the best I could find.

Swedish m 41b

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6.55x55mm "built by Mauser Brothers in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany, in 1900" See Targets Swedish M41B Ex Sniper by Carl Gustaf, 6.5x55 , 5 Rd Bolt Action, Drilled and Tapped for Mount, Adjustable Sights, Various Surplus Condition. By Carl Gustaf Werks. We have dropped the price to close out the rest of them. The blank 6,5x55 ammunition m/17 is a ammunition intended for the m/94 carbine rifles used for ceremonial use and for shooting salute. The m/94 carbines has un-threaded mussels of the barrels, so it is not possible to mount a blank firing device for the use of the normal wooden projectile blanks.

On the left side of the receiver there is a base for the scope mount. The rifle serial number is stamped on the base.

SYSTRAN, has invariably translated 'consider' with the Swedish verbs question as the content of another sub-space of the fourth mental space (M 41b) Och rättvist därefter såg jag upp, och adventuressen stirrade i dörren på mig med.

Var skedde detta? Svarsalternativ. Flera alternativ kan markeras. av W Becker · Citerat av 3 — to the Swedish Nutrition Recommendations 1997.

Swedish m 41b

If I am at all unsure about firearm sales or transfers, I will contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive at 1-800-ATF-GUNS and visit the ATF  

Swedish m 41b

Pttblishing 2nd och 3rd aves. samt 41b ave., hvarmed ban nu är sysselsatt. Besöksadress.

Swedish m 41b

4x. A "turn down bolt handle" on m/1938 rifles indicates that the rifle is a converted m/1896. All m/96 had straight bolt handles. Husqvarna made m/1938 were normally produced as m/38 with the handle down from the beginning (like the picture above). However there is a small number of HVA produced m/1896 (with straight handles). Swedish Mauser M41 Description: SOLD This is the M41 Swedish Mauser sniper rifle developed by the Swedes in 1941 to meet their needs for a sniper rifle. The overall condition of the rifle is very good and it is matching.
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Swedish m 41b

The auction pics were few and not that great and the  The "B" stamped on the scope means it went through the update later to become the M41b. Bolt is stamped 705 which matches the action,scope mount, scope  Jun 16, 2018 two Forgotten  (and not the post war sniper M41B) The scope mounts also early WW2 versions are both serial numbered and do not match themselves or the rifle. Optics are  Accessories. 3. Sights.

12. Scope m/41B. Pansarbil m/39.
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Aug 23, 2019 Sniper rifle m/41 with white and bent bolt and original rear sight. (Rifle m/41B has different sight and base for the scope.) 

41B District Court is currently in Phase 2 of reopening during the COVID 19 pandemic. Accordingly, the Court is closed to the general public except for essential functions relating to health and safety, while safeguarding rights guaranteed by our Constitution. This is a Swedish M41B. Originally developed during WWII as the M41, the M41B is an upgraded version and like the M41 is based on the famous M96 Swedish Mauser. The sniper rifles were taken from existing stocks of M96 service rifles that were specially selected for superior accuracy. The M/41B is a Swedish sniper rifle built off of existing actions chosen for their accuracy. This action is a Carl Gustafs Stads dated 1902.